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    Are PPC Ads Right for My Practice?

    What Are PPC Ads?

    PPC Stands for pay-per-click. As the name implies, these ads appear above organic search results, but you only dip into your ad budget when someone clicks your ad. They offer fast results and custom options, and they are utilized by many today. But are they right for your practice?

    The Benefits of PPC Ads

    Fast Results – SEO, while vital, can be slow, and ranking in the top three spots can be incredibly difficult, especially if you practice in a competitive area. If you’re in a rush to get your name out, or you want to advertise for a service that you’re having trouble ranking for, PPC ads could be a great option.

    Show Up At the Top – PPC ads give businesses the ability to pay for the top three spots on Google search results. This offers a unique opportunity to showcase yourself in ways you may otherwise struggle to with organic methods. As an example, if your practice primarily offers dental services, but you also provide Invisalign, you could run an Invisalign-specific ad campaign.

    Set Your Own Budget – You can choose how little or how much you want to spend on your PPC ad budget each month, allowing flexibility for seasonal or economic shifts.

    Location Targeting – PPC ads offer the ability to target specific areas in a radius. This can be especially useful for practices that want to expand their audience to a town or several towns nearby.

    Organic-Looking Ads – PPC ads appear right above organic results in a search, and they look similar to regular website options. This avoids the spammy look of other ad options.

    What to Consider Before Implementing PPC Ads

    PPC ads can offer many benefits, but you need to consider these factors to consider before starting up your first ad campaign.

    Sales/Patient Influx – PPC ads may increase your sales or your number of patients. Plan accordingly to ensure that you have the resources available to support influxes.

    Required Knowledge – Setting up ads requires know-how and time. Additionally, an ad campaign will need to be monitored and adjusted as time goes on. Many businesses hire professionals or agencies to manage ad campaigns on their behalf for this reason. 

    Website/Landing Page – The job of an ad is to bring users to your website. There is no guarantee that a user will call or make a purchase once on your website. Ensure that you have a functional, user-friendly and aesthetic website in place beforehand to increase your chance for conversion.

    Should I Start a PPC Ad Campaign?

    If your practice is new and you need fast results to get your name out, you want to target an audience one town over, or perhaps you’re just seeing fewer patients than normal and you want to try a new strategy, PPC ads could be a good place to start. Because they take skill to navigate and manage, however, ensure that you have time to learn how they work or consider hiring a professional.

    —Team Member, SEO Specialist, Sesame Communications

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