3 Tips for Allocating a Budget to Your Social Ads


By now, you know the differences between Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and which platform is best for your practice. Your next question is probably, how much money should I be spending advertising on my social platforms?

In this post, we will cover three best practices to help you determine your social media advertising budget.

Evaluate All Past Campaigns

Any past data that you have available can be an extremely helpful starting point for allocating money toward your social advertising budget. Understanding how your organic posts are performing can be a useful information as well.

You should be paying close attention to your target audience, the type of content that was used, and your total budget.

Other Factors to Consider

When determining your budget, don’t focus solely on the total amount you will be spending on each platform. You will want to factor in other things such as the design costs, time spent managing the campaign, as well as time spent analyzing the campaign’s success.

If you are hiring someone to manage each of these then your budget may be reduced. Consider having one person handle the process from the start to the finish, as that can save you time and money.

Set Your Advertising Goals

When it comes to success on social media, it’s important to set goals whenever possible. If you aren’t sure where to begin check out our blog post on how to set goals for your social media.

Some goals you should consider include building brand awareness, acquiring new clients, introducing new services, and retaining current customers. Once you have identified your goals, you can start allocating your paid social budgets accordingly.

For example, if you are looking to build brand awareness or introduce new services a good portion of your budget will be best spent by hiring someone to create content.

If you are looking to expand your target audience or retain clients, you will want to allocate more of the budget to the actual campaign.

Social Advertising may seem very daunting. However, once you have the right set of tools and a well-established structure in place, your social ads will take care of the rest.

And if you are still having trouble seeing successful results from your campaigns, check out our Social Media Advertising Service!


—Marie Dubray, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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